You are a strong, independent woman. Why doesnt your house reflect this?

Too often people get swept away by the mass produced designs pumped out by Ikea. Forget that shit, look to the past where patina and surface damage is BEAUTIFUL. We will show you how to truly appreciate antiquated design.

Antique Hunting in Paris, France

I am looking for some cool retro chic and where better to find it than Paris. With the arrival of the Eurostar it is so easy to pop over the channel these days to do some shopping,or window shopping at least. But to make the most of my day I have decided to do some research before going to the… Read more →

Accessorising your Home with a choice Antique

There is a heart warming motto that says “some people look for a beautiful place, while others make the place beautiful.” We all enjoy expressing ourselves because we are making a statement of who we are and what our personal tastes are. Vintage or retro furniture is an exquisite way to incorporate unique looks that speak to our personalise space.… Read more →

Antique Binoculars: Are They Worth Collecting?

Collectors exist to collect the newest and the best items, but many collectors spend a lot of money just to own something equally valuable. These can be rare items, and they’re commonly found at auctions though some are found in antique or charity stores. Antique and modern binoculars are wanted by all collectors, but those made in the 18th and… Read more →